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There is the adage that when you look good, you feel good. If you’ve been wanting to change your look but have been putting it off, now is your opportunity to make the changes you want. BU Clinics gives you access to a wide range of aesthetic treatments with some of the best plastic surgeons and aesthetic treatment clinics in the world. Whether you want a breast lift, breast augmentation, rhinoplasty (nose job), liposuction, or another treatment, BU Clinics can help make it happen for you.

World Class Aesthetic Treatments

World Class Aesthetic Treatments

Aesthetic treatments in most countries are exceptionally expensive, and not covered by medical insurance which is why most people never get to make their dreams come true. At BU Clinics, we have found some of the best and most innovative aesthetic clinics across the globe that are safe, professional, and highly affordable. Many of our satisfied clients were able to travel to these destinations, have their treatments or plastic surgery, enjoy top class accommodation and more, for far less than just having the treatments back home.

If you’re ready to change your look, then let BU Clinics make it happen for you. We arrange everything for you, from the initial consultations, to travel arrangements and even leisure activities. Just imagine that now you can go on a vacation and come back looking and feeling your best.

Get Your Peace Of Mind With BU Clinics

If you’re ready to change your look, then let BU Clinics make it happen for you. We arrange everything for you, from the initial consultations, to travel arrangements and even leisure activities. Just imagine that now you can go on a vacation and come back looking and feeling your best.

Breast Lift and Augmentation

Breast augmentation, or often referred to as breast implants, is a procedure that combines two important breast enhancement procedures to reshape, lift, and add volume to the breast.
A breast lift is another type of breast enhancement procedure that does not involve implants and is becoming extremely popular.

Sagging or irregular shaped breasts

Sagging or irregular shaped breasts could be caused by several factors such as aging, pregnancy, genetics, and weight fluctuation. A breast lift or augmentation procedure can create a youthful, shapely breast contour.

At BU Clinics We connect you with the best breast augmentation doctors and clinics in the world.

These top doctors offer a range of services including breast implants, enlargement, reduction and more.
Having breast augmentation surgery was once an expensive and complex procedure which put it out of reach for most people. However, with today’s technology and the ability to travel anywhere in the world to have these procedures done, it has become routine and affordable.

Regain Your Confidence & Look

If you are ready to regain your confidence and look spectacular, contact BU Clinics now. One of our knowledgeable and professional consultants will take care of everything. They will set up an initial consultation with a top plastic surgeon, who will determine the type of procedure for you. From there, we will put together a complete package to make your entire experience seamless.

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If you are not satisfied with the shape of your nose, then rhinoplasty is the best way to correct it. Rhinoplasty, or more commonly known as a nose job, is a plastic surgery procedure that changes the appearance of your nose, can improve breathing, and in many cases, both.

There are two main types of rhinoplasty surgery.

The first is reconstructive surgery
that focuses primarily on restoring the function of the nose, that may be due to a birth defect or from an injury as a result of trauma. To improve the function of the nose and breathing it may also involve reconstructive surgery to change the form and appearance of the nose.The second major category of rhinoplasty procedures focuses on cosmetic surgery that is aimed at changing the appearance of the nose.This may involve changing the shape, size and form of the nose and nostrils.

BU Clinics makes the difference in Rhinoplasty

Millions of people are unsatisfied with the shape or function of their nose, but the cost of having these procedures in the country where they live is prohibitive, especially as most medical insurances do not pay for these cosmetic procedures.

This is where BU Clinics makes all the difference. The BU Clinics affiliated team of plastic surgeons are experts in nose shaping and rhinoplasty procedures that are safe and affordable.

Let BU Clinics put together a tailored package to meet all your rhinoplasty needs.

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Liposuction, or often just referred to as “lipo”, is a type of plastic surgery fat-removal procedure. It involves using a suction to remove fat from a specific area. The most common areas where liposuction is used are the hips, thighs, abdomen, buttocks, neck and even arms.

There are two main purposes for liposuction; the first being cosmetic liposuction to change the look, shape and contour of the body or specific parts. The second purpose and less well known by most people is for medical purposes, for example in the treatment of lymphedema.

Cosmetic Liposuction

When it comes to cosmetic liposuction, it is important to note that liposuction is not intended as a weight-loss alternative. However, often, even after losing weight, some areas of the body may not change their shape. This is when liposuction can be an optimal solution.

BU Clinics works with the best dermatologists, cosmetic and plastic surgeons around the world to help our clients with their liposuction procedures.

If you are considering having liposuction, let BU Clinics put together a customized package for you that is affordable too. You can be confident that BU Clinics has your best interest at heart when it comes to liposuction.

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