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Planning a trip can be stressful as there are so many things you have to organize and consider before the time comes. Now take into account the extra details involved in planning to go for a cosmetic procedure.

No need to worry….We have the perfect solution for you.

BU Clinics concierge services handle all the details for you. Yes, we take care of every detail so you can go and have your treatment with complete confidence and enjoy the trip and the results of your procedure.

With BU Clinics concierge services, you just need to pack your bags, hop on the plane and arrive for your appointments.

Our Concierge Service Packages Include:

Transfers & Shuttles

We pre-book your shuttles from the airport to your hotel, the clinic, and back to the airport.


Your treatment plans and sessions are booked and confirmed in advance, ensuring that everything runs according to plan.

Translators / Interpreters

To make sure you always understand everything, we can also arrange translators if needed.

24/7 Support

With BU Clinics, each customer has a personal customer care specialist that is available 24/7 to assist with anything you need. Your personal care specialist is available to answer your questions, deal with any changes in plans, add new ones, and take care of any other services you might need. Ensuring your satisfaction is our top priority.

Rich business man traveling to Turkey with BU Clinics to do a hair transplant

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Hotel and concierge services provided by BU Clinics
Hotel and concierge services provided by BU Clinics