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The Process

The Process &
Concierge Services

So you’ve finally made the decision you want to get the makeover treatment you’ve been dreaming about. But, now what? This is where BU Clinics shines! We make the entire process easier, simpler, and more affordable. Our team makes all the arrangements, we set up your appointments with the clinics, organize your transport and so much more.

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The Best Treatment for You

Step one - Submit a request

First and foremost, you need to send us a request using the form below or via the contact page. Let us know what treatment you have in mind and be sure to give us valid contact info, so we can connect with you.

Step two - personal customer care specialist

You will be assigned a personal customer care specialist who will call you to understand your needs and to explain more about our offerings. The consultant will then send you an email detailing everything and any additional info we will need, plus shortlist the potential clinics and doctors to match your needs.

Step three - Personal Analysis

You will need to reply to the mail with the relevant information and photos of the treatment area, which the consultant will use for the initial consultation on your behalf with the doctors to put together a proposal that matches your needs and budget.

Step Four - Custom proposal

We will present you with a preliminary proposal and if required, we will arrange a video conference call with the doctor, so you can both ask the relevant questions.

Step Five - Payment & Itinerary

We finalize all the details, you make the payment, and we send you the final itinerary and all relevant information.

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Please complete the form below and one of our knowledgeable and professional customer care specialists will contact you to understand your needs, answer your questions, and to tailor the ideal package for you.
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A young woman talking on the phone with a BU Clinics hair transplant client
A young woman talking on the phone with a BU Clinics hair transplant client

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