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Dr. Yetkin Bayer Best Hair Transplant Surgeon Award

Best Hair Transplant Surgeon Award

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Most of the clients are arriving in Turkey for the whole weekend. Some even stay longer, since Istanbul is a beautiful, fascinating city, and there is a lot to see and a lot to do. People take advantage of the medical procedures to travel, and this is why we arrange our clients with local tour guides that can show them all the hidden spots and tourist attractions. We also created spa packages and treatments so our clients can relax, enjoy, and truly make the whole hair transplant procedure much more fun.

Erez Ari Cohen
BU Clinics CEO

Levy Board a plane to Turkey, and if you thought that his goals are solely R&R without quarantine, let us tell you that in the last years' Levy noticed that his hair is going thin, and his teeth can have a whiter color, this is why he arrived at the world's hair transplant capital, Turkey, and also did a Zirconia teeth treatment, a complete Hollywood smile treatment.

Ifat Hilleli Avraham
Mako Celebs

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