7 Reasons Why FUE is the Best Hair Transplant Method

If you are looking for a new option for a hair transplant, the FUE method may be the answer. Here are the reasons why FUE is the best hair transplant method.

The FUE hair transplant method enables men and women to regain a youthful look.

FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction. It’s a relatively new hair transplant method that offers considerable benefits.

The traditional method is called Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT). Both methods encompass harvesting healthy hair follicles. A practitioner will then transplant those follicles to thinning or balding areas. Next, your hair should begin to grow permanently and naturally.

There are several benefits of the FUE hair transplant method. The biggest benefit of FUE, however, lies in how practitioners harvest donor’s hair.

To learn seven reasons why FUE is the best transplant method, read on.

1. It’s an In-Office Procedure

Practitioners perform the FUE procedure right in their office. During the process, they’ll use local anesthesia.

You can drive yourself to and from your transplant appointment. This convenience reduces the cost and risks associated with the more invasive FUT method.

2. FUE Recovery Time Is Fast

Patients who undergo the FUE procedure enjoy a quicker recovery time compared to those who go through a traditional hair transplant. Usually, FUE patients can return to normal activities in just one to two days.

With the FUE procedure, the practitioner doesn’t need to remove staples or stitches. Also, they can remove any bandages in 24 to 48 hours after completing the process.

After the procedure, the practitioner will give you special washing instructions. It’s important to follow those instructions to promote healing.

3. There’s Less Scarring

With the FUE method, you don’t have to worry about scars from transplants. There are almost no visible scars with the FUE procedure. However, the FUT procedure may result in considerably noticeable scars.

This point is more important for patients with short hairstyles. When using the FUT method, the scars will remain quite noticeable.

Alternatively, the FUE method makes use of extraction sites that range from .08 mm to 1 mm. In just a few short days, the scars from the FUE procedure are barely noticeable.

4. Recovery Is Less Painful

There’s also minimal pain with the FUE procedure. Most patients can make do with only Tylenol if they experience pain.

Also, the practitioner will provide you with local, long-lasting aesthetics. The anesthesia will make recovery much more manageable.

With the FUE technique, you’ll have no need for narcotic painkillers. After 24 hours, you should experience no pain at all.

5. FUE Is More Effective

The FUE method is a more reliable solution for balding. The graft survival technique of the FUE method is 90% to 95%. With the FUT method, however, the graft survival rate is around 75%.

The FUE technique is more precise. It results in less trauma to your scalp. In other words, there’s less slicing or tearing of hair follicles during the transplantation process.

6. It Only Takes a Few Hours

The FUE method is an improved way to transplant hair to affected balding areas. The procedure itself takes around two hours. For practitioners, it’s simple and straightforward.

For example, a practitioner might begin by shaving the hair of the donor area. They’ll then start to remove your individual hair follicles.

How much they remove depends on the size of the area that the practitioner needs to treat. In total, the entire procedure may take a few hours.

7. It’s Affordable

When considering the FUE method, it’s also important to think about hair transplant costs. The FUE hair transplant technique is more affordable and cost-effective compared to the FUT method.

With the FUE technique, the practitioner can extract a greater number of hair follicles in one session. The cost of your procedure will vary based on the number of grafts that the practitioner must perform to provide the desired results.

The FUE transplant procedure is one of the most advanced methods available. A physician can help you develop an optimal plan for hair loss treatment. By assessing your unique needs, they will deliver the best possible results.

The Secret of the FUE Hair Transplant Method

It helps to understand how FUE works. During a FUT procedure, the physician will typically remove a long strip of scalp tissue from the donor area of the scalp.

They’ll then separate that strip into individual follicle units. The practitioner will then transplant them to the affected area.

During the FUE procedure, however, the practitioner extracts the follicular units directly from the scalp. Sometimes, they may use an automated system.

Throughout the extraction, the practitioner will make many tiny, round incisions. They’ll scatter the incisions throughout the donor area. They may even choose locations on your body to perform the extraction.

The extraction process during a transplant procedure is important. It can have a considerable impact on your experience. It can also greatly affect the outcome of the procedure.

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